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Green Home Computing For Dummies

It can be easy to be green! Follow these suggestions and help save the planet Get on board the green machine! Here’s how to assess your technology’s green factor and make small changes with big impact. You’ll also find tips for using technology in green ways and advice on getting rid of old devices in an environmentally friendly way. Learn what to buy, when to upgrade, where to find green ideas, and much more. Watch your step — calculate the size of your carbon footprint and see how much your electronics contribute to it Do your home work — find great advice to help you make the case to your employer for telecommuting options You have the power — to use less energy, and you’ll find lots of ways to do that Green upgrades — discover how to give your current computer a green makeover Buying green — learn what to look for when shopping for a new computer and peripherals When it’s time to retire your electronic devices — uncover earth-friendly ways to recycle your old computer and be sure you don’t give away your personal data Sharing is good — see how home networks, device sharing, and Windows Home Server

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Green Home Computing For Dummies Reviews

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Windows Home Server Users Guide (Expert’s Voice)

If you’re searching for a practical and comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Microsofts Windows Home Server, look no further. Inside Windows Home Server User’s Guide, you’ll learn how to install, configure, and use Windows Home Server and understand how to connect to and manage different clients such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Media Center, and more. It’s straightforward and easy-to-understand style will help you maximize all the benefits that Windows Home Server can bring. This guide includes the following: Step-by-step instructions for configurations Lots of troubleshooting tips Comprehensive coverage of different clients that can connect to, manage and be managed by Windows Home Server Many useful illustrations for a quick-to-learn approach Packed with handy hints, tips, and extensive walkthroughs to get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, author Andrew Edney is your expert guide to help you get the most out of Windows Home Server. What you’ll learn Discover the benefits of Windows Home Server. Centrally back up all of your home machines. Manage the configuration and operation of all computers in your household. Configure centralized storage so all computers can store files in one location. Bring many of the benefits of a Windows Server–based domain to your house without the overhead and expense of a traditional server product. Understand how to monitor and maintain the health of all of your machines. Who is this book for? This book is for IT administrators, or anyone with some professional IT experience, who wants to learn about the Windows Home Server and how it can be used in their homes.

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Windows Home Server Users Guide (Expert’s Voice) Reviews

Review by Robert L. Stinnett:

Chances are, if you are reading about this book you have heard about Windows Home Server from Microsoft. Perhaps you are a computer enthusiast who wants to “roll their own” solution using the OEM version of the software (Microsoft Windows Home Server OEM); or maybe you are looking into a pre-packaged hardware solution like the offers from HP (HP EX470 MediaSmart Home Server (AMD Live/ 64 Bit Sempron Processor, 500 GB Hard Drive)); or maybe you just want to read more about what Windows Home Server (WHS) is and see if it meets your needs. Whatever level you are at, “Windows Home Server User’s Guide” will help you learn more about WHS, guide you through what it can do and hopefully help you with your decision on what to buy, or help you decide if WHS is for you.

There are a number of books that are coming onto the market about WHS. Many of them are large techical books that can drown the non-geek user with information that goes into too much detail about what goes on behind-the-scenes. Many of the books assume you are using the OEM software and building your own system. Instead of helping the user learn more about WHS, they confuse them with meaningless jargon and technical details — precisely what Windows Home Server was meant not to do.

Luckily, in this book the author has done a good job of keeping the book on a level that can be understood by all. He doesn’t assume that you are using one solution or the other, but rather walks you through what WHS is and how it can help you regardless of the solution you end up using.

Each chapter walks you through features of WHS and how it can help connect your digital home and family, and shows you how to get the most out of it. Throughout the chapters the author has put in side notes that give you alternative ways of doing tasks, suggesting where to go for more information or warning you about potential risks. The chapters themselves are concise and full of illustrations and actual screen shots to help you understand what steps need to be taken. In short, this is the manual Microsoft should have included with the software!

I particularly enjoyed how the author covered more “geek” features of the product by talking briefly about them (such as the API — or Application Programming Interface) but then instead of devoting pages on pages of text to something that both changes frequently and is too much information for the average WHS user simply points you to resources where you can find out more about it if the subject interests you. In this way the author stays true to the audience without trying to make this a “catch all” type book.

In short, if you are getting ready to purchase Windows Home Server or are deciding on if this is a solution for you, I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book and read it. It will help you make a more informed buying decision and double as a great getting started guide to getting Windows Home Server setup and running in your house.

Review by James Thomas Tomasko:

After reading some other reviews, I am editing this… If you are comfortable with your computer, then my 1 star stands, and my orginal review is what is written after this next paragraph.

But… if you just wished your home server came with an instruction manual, then this book makes a fine instruction manual, but nothing more. When I got this book, I already had my server running for a few months, and was looking for deeper knowledge than could be found from just clicking all the features and figuring them out… there is nothing in this book that added to my knowledge (really… nothing). So, if your looking for an instruction manual, maybe this will work for you, as for me, the review below still stands:

First of all, I would like to say I’m a big fan of most books published by Apress. I find the majority of them through on their given topic, and well written.

“Windows Home Server Users Guide” is the first book from this publisher I’ve gotten where I feel like they let a book get past their editors that is nothing more than a fluff piece attempting to cash in on a new technology.

This book does nothing more than to painstakingly itemize each and every tab and dialog that you will ever see in an attempt to bulk up a book that really tells you nothing. I found no added insight from this no-meat itemization of each field presented. Anybody that had what it takes to get their home server running could have written this book.

Let’s look at an example of where the writer attempt to expand on interpreting the log file if you have an error… this is taken directly from the book:

“You will notice a series of error codes in the log file; for example, 0x8007000e. If the information

contained in the installation log file is not very helpful, you might try doing a search on the Internet for

that error code, or contacting Microsoft Product Support and telling them the error code and asking for

some assistance.”

This is a common sample of the useless type of “extra information” that you can expect to get from this book. The rest of the text is nothing more than lots of pictures of each and every screen and dialog you will ever see, accompanied by write-ups similar to the one I have given. In fact, to find this example, all I did was randomly pick a page out of the book to prove this point. I did not look for a particularly bad example, but just the first example that I opened to.

In summary, Apress is a publisher that I have grown to trust, but after this piece of swill, I will be focusing a more critical eye on them before I purchase sight-unseen again.

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Welcome To…Home-Based Business Computing

Here is the first complete startup reference for those who want to put today’s–and tomorrow’s–computer power to work in a home office of any size and type. Designed as a guide to equipment and to organizing and operating a home business, this book helps readers make intelligent decisions on hardware and software that maximize productivity and flexibility.

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Welcome To…Home-Based Business Computing Reviews

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows Home Server (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech))

Packed with clear, step-by-step screen shots, this visual guide shows you how to tackle more than 130 Windows Home Server tasks. You’ll see how to configure Windows Home Server, connect to computers remotely, add and remove user accounts, use Windows Home Server storage, work with shared folders, restore files from backups, and much more! Helpful sidebars offer practical tips and tricks, and two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules.

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows Home Server (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)) Reviews

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No-Sweat Desktop Publishing: A Guide from Home Office Computing Magazine (Home Office Computing Series)

A complete user-friendly guide to desktop publishing for the reader with no graphics or desktop publishing experience. The text is filled with tips and techniques that demonstrate the step-by-step preparation of newsletters, brochures, flyers, business forms, catalogues and presentations.

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Money-Smart Secrets for the Self-Employed (Home Office Computing Small Business Library)

This second volume in the Home Office Computing Magazine Small Business Library offers hands-on guidance to improve the fiscal health of your business. From saving on expenses to recordkeeping that protects your personal assets, to when and how to borrow money, this revealing reference belongs on the bookshelf of every home-based entrepreneur.Fiscal stability while growing a business? Money-Smart Secrets for the Self-Employed, by financial journalist Linda Stern, clearly outlines a series of logical, easy-to-apply techniques and practices designed to ensure just that. It addresses all of the major economic issues faced by a solo enterprise today–including taxes, expenses, record-keeping, loans, insurance, and hiring–and details, in very readable fashion, the myriad legal ins-and-outs that can keep cash flowing even during uncertain fiscal times.

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Money-Smart Secrets for the Self-Employed (Home Office Computing Small Business Library) Reviews

Review by :

From start-up to maintenance, rate-setting to cost savings, this book walks you through the REALITY of running your own business. Even if you’ve been in business for 6 years like me, this book offers valuable information for any type of self-employment situation. Smart resources and recommendations will have you tagging every page for reference!

Review by :

This is the best, well-organized and well written resource I have seen on the subject of self-employment. The most important information regarding recordkeeping, taxes and cost savings are included in an easy to read format. I would recommend this book to anyone starting their own business or looking to increase profits in their existing home-business.
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